WORLD WIDE NEWS 17-08-2020


US based postal service USPS has warned that millions of mail in votes will not be arriving in time for the presidential election, November 3.

As due to the coronavirus pandemic around the country is still rising death rate and spreading of disease is very fast.

The US election sector has introduced the voting system through mail. Which was handled by United States postal service (USPS).

But on Thursday Donald Trump said that he was going to block the additional funding for USPS. Because he doesn’t like the mail in voting system.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly said that the mail in voting system will lead to fraud activities of voting. And he further said that it will give boost to his rival  Democrat Joe Biden.

According to the experts, the mail in voting system will be taken care by American military and Mr. Trump itself directly involving. So they are recommending this as a safe system.

So let us hope for the best results.


Missing Dewsbury brothers: Bodies found in Lancashire sea

According to the yesterday news three teenagers had difficulty in sea near St Annes pier at Lancashire.

The fifteen year old boy came back to the seashore and has been kept in observation along with that specific treatment is going on.

Today there were two body found at the Lancashire sea. The police says that bodies has been taken for identification process. To find who are they.

Everyone pray to god for their family.

Martin turner a missing cyclist

Mr. Martin turner a missing cyclist from Totton, Hampshire.

His family last seen him on Saturday 8:00 BST, when he went for cycling.

Due to the appeal made on social media like Facebook. A search party has been searching for him under the lead of new forest Councillor Mr. Richard Young.

As per the latest report police has found a body in a serch party of Mr. Turner. So to confirm it identification process is taking place now.

Pray to god for his family.

Corona virus live update as of today

Top 13 countries affected by Covid 19


Election has been delayed due to coronavirus fear

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has delayed the election due to the Covid 19 outbreak in the recent days.

New Zealand has almost stopped the spreading of the deadly virus. Because they have crossed 102 days without the spreading of the disease.

But in recent one week there were new cases found around 28 cases and the major cities were went back to lockdown.

Now as per the issue to be solved the prime minister delays the election date from 19th of September and it will be taken place on 17th of October.

This delay has been announced due to the electoral party should take care of all kinds of prevention within the given 9 weeks to ensure the election can be take place on the given date without any delay.


Former Indian cricket team opener passed away due to covid 19

He is a right hand batsman who played 40 Test match for India between 1969 to 1981. And played as the opening batsman with the legend Sunil gavaskar.

He has totally made 2,084 test runs and had a high score of 97 runs against Australia in 1981.

Right after the retirement he has been in the position of District cricket association in Delhi and also served as an Indian team manager.

He also entered the politics and two times he has been elected to the Lok sabha. And also served as the cabinet minister of Uttar pradesh.

Rest in peace sir……..

Gold rate goes up to Rs 52,240

Gold price is Rs 52,240 for 10 grams.

Silver rate today is Rs 680.20 for 10 grams.


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