WORLD NEWS 18-08-2020


Donald Trump offer tax credits for US firms moving from china

US president Donald Trump offers tax credits and attracts US based firms to move out of china. He also further said that he will strip the government contract from the firms that continues to work for china.

In a speech happened on Monday Trump said that he will create 10 million of jobs in 10 months. And he will be taking action that they will not relying on china any more.

He said that those US based companies in china should come back to US to create more job opportunities in their country. By doing that the particular companies will be offered tax credit by the US government.

Already Tiktok and we-chat are banned in US. Currently the US government placing restrictions for the Chinese giant Huawei to sell their products.

Death valley in US records highest temperature

Highest temperature have been recorded in Death valley, California as 130F (54.4C).

This is the record breaking temperature in the world . Which was recorded by the US national weather service. It is due to a heat wave on the west coast, may be it can rise further at the end of the week.

Ms Stewart has been working in the national park for years and told that while going out its like walking into a oven.

Previous record is also from death valley of 129.9F (54C)m at 2013.


A legend of Indian music passed away

The legend of music has fallen today at the age of 90.

He was passed away today at his home in US due to cardiac arrest. He stayed in US after the lockdown has been imposed on march 2020 to stay there according to the government rules.

Their family were shocked to see the sudden death of him.

He is a music legend has done music for Bollywood films and he is very famous for his work in classical music across the world.

Indian prime minister is also shocked to hear the news and given a last message to Pandit Jasraj in the twitter.

13 year old girl got raped and killed

13 year old girl got raped and killed by two Men.

The body has been found by the police officers in sugarcane field at Uttar pradesh. And the two mens were arrested by the police.

Rapes and murder or increasing in India since 2012 Delhi rape case which went viral across the globe.

Pray to god. Lets hope again this thing will not happen anywhere.

Coronavirus live update

Top affected countries list

Business news UK

Mark and Spencer going to reduce jobs in next three months

Mark and Spencer a UK based company has cut 7000 jobs in next three months across its store and management.

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus the sales in the jobs including home goods are very down than 2019. But there is a surge in home based online shopping.

But for the upcoming future there will be no jobs till the pandemic gets to a control.


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